Cohoes Child Development Center
Year Old
The two year old classroom is a place of discovery! During the course of the year, we work on and see development in many areas. These areas include language, gross and fine motor skills, self help skills, and cognitive skills. To encourage language development, the two’s work on using words to express wants and feelings. Games are used to practice following simple directions.

The two’s develop their gross and fine motor skills by doing activities such as running or riding bikes in the gym, practicing how to walk up and down stairs, experimenting with clay, putting puzzles together, and learning how to cut with scissors.

Learning to share toys and waiting for a turn are ways the twos practice and develop their social skills. Self-help skills are important for two year olds as they work toward independence.

We work on “potty training,” keeping clean, healthy, and learning how to get dressed. To develop cognitive skills, we practice concepts such as the parts of our bodies and colors. With all of this development beginning, you can why our classroom is a place of discovery. 

Toddler’s Daily Schedule

6:30-8:15  AM Arrival- Free Play
8:15-8:50  AM Breakfast
8:50-9:00  AM Change Diapers/ Bathroom
9:00-9:45  AM Gym/Outside
9:45-10:00  AM Circle Time
10:00-11:00  AM Learning Centers
11:00-11:15  AM Music & Movement
11:15-1:20  AM Wash Hands
11:20-11:45  AM Lunch
11:45-12:15  PM Diapers/Bathroom/Brush/Teeth/
Look at Books
12:15-2:30  PM Rest/ Nap Time
2:30-3:00  PM Snack /Bathroom /Diapers 
3:00-3:30  PM Outside/ Gross Motor Time
3:30-3:40  PM Wash Hands
3:40-4:45  PM Learning Centers
4:45-5:00  PM Clean Up/ Bathroom
5:00-5:30  PM Free Play- Departure

Hours of operation

MONDAY - FRIDAY: 6:00 AM - 8:45 PM
SATURDAY: 7:00 AM - 4:45 PM

DAY CARE (18 months - 5 years of age)
opens at 6:30 AM  & runs until


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